FAMILY RELATIONSHIP STRENGTHENING TOOLS - online information for wives, blog, resource list with Law Enforcement spouse Vicki Newman. 

Indiana State Coordinator - Jennifer Lanzen, [email protected] - National Law Enforcement Ministry - strengthening the Spiritual Fitness of Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement spouse Kristi Neace's home page - Relationship wisdom: strengthening your relationships - information for police families and resources - resources to help with family, marriage and faith

LAW ENFORCEMENT FOCUSED WEBSITES THAT CAN HELP STRENGTHEN YOU - weekly newsletter and many resources - podcast and resources - Concerns of Police Survivors - an organization that assists families who've lost a family member in the line of duty. - Fellowship of Christian Police Officers - Enter the Lion First Responder Ministry - weekly newsletter and many resources - Blue Life Support  - Warrior on the Wall Media Library 

ONE ON ONE DISCIPLESHIP RESOURCES - Small Circle Discipleship Resources

MISC - More for the policeman himself, also a good resource for information

CHAPLAINCY - International Conference of Police Chaplains

Starting a Chaplain Program, Effective Chaplaincy Practices - [email protected]


A Marriage in Progress: Tactical Support for Law Enforcement Relationships - Victoria Newman

A CHiP on My Shoulder - How to Love Your Cop with Attitude - Victoria M. Newman

Lives Behind the Badge - Kristi Neace

Beyond the Blue - Kristi Neace

I Love a Cop - Ellen Kirschman, PhD

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Officers - Kevin Gilmartin, PhD

Cold Case Christianity - J. Warner Wallace

Person of Interest - J. Warner Wallace

The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey


Sun Tzu and the Officer Resiliency Mindset (7hr.) Course

Jim Bontrager, President-Elect, the International Conference of Police Chaplains

[email protected]

INTELLECTUAL EVIDENCE FOR FAITH - Former LA County Cold Case Homicide Detective and atheist that uses the principles of homicide investigation to examine the claims of Christianity  - J. Warner Wallace - Answering the challenges of the law enforcement life - Cross Examined - Frank Turek - Josh McDowell - Answering the hard questions of life.